Monday, May 2, 2011

So... it's been a while...

Here's what I've been up too...

(Prepare for Asianness)


And because those were sorta scary...
This one was very cute =P It was a total 180 from Death Note.

I  honestly want to watch the movies now!
Yup... That's what I've been up to...

Oh... and I've been practicing singing... but that's nothing.

Double Oh... Does anyone know a good name for a 5 member girl group? hehe just throwing the question out!

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Top 5 for the Week

So, I haven't blogged in a while.

I've decided to just make one today of all my favorite songs this week.

Top 5~


C.N. Blue - 직감

Come on now, don't judge me. =P


H.O.T - Candy

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It's only a year younger than me. But, hey, I like them old songs!


TVXQ!(東方神起) - 이것만은 알고 가(Before U Go)


Dalmatian (달마시안)-That Man Opposed

Dalmatian doggy dog, woof woof woof!


Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle

It's just cute. Okay?
So is the dance.
Although, I could do without some of the ad-libs...

Yup! That's my top 5. (No Judging.)

What's Yours?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Future... What?! I'm only 15!

"What do you want to be when you're older?"

Since I was, what.... five? I've had that question asked every year.

At first it was one of those... obvious ones a little girl would say: Princess, fairy, movie star.
The Impossible for me.
Then I wanted to be a Nurse, Vet, or Brain Surgeon (Yeah.. didn't happen).

Then, embarrassingly enough, after I saw High School Musical (Dun Dun Dun~) in 5th Grade, it hit me. Do you know what that feels like? AnEpiphany (Is that right? My English skills are... low)? After I saw it, it was like a ton of brick had just fallen on my head, as corny as it sounds.

I wanted to be a singer. I didn't know where, I didn't know how.

So I tried Broadway first, musicals and shows. You know, acting and singing? After one show, I figured out I didn't like it. The singing was fun, but acting... I couldn't get the lines right, I talked to fast, I couldn't cry on cue! The first show I did was at the ****air Theatre. I'm not to sure it I can state it. I was a dancer. The thespians (?) who were playing the main roles... god damn... I wanted to push them off the stage. They were rude and very mean and demeaning to everyone who had a smaller part than them. I thought 'If everyone is like this... I can't do this,'

In 9th grade, I joined the chorus. Singing + Class = Easy A and fun!... Daeng! It was horrible. The songs we sang... I still get shivers. Everyone marking period we had assessments. My choir teacher told me, "You're voice is unique. But, it's not suited for a Choir," So I stopped. Unique? Does that mean bad, or good? I was confused and I refused to sing during choir, I lip synced. I'm a professional now.

My friend (We're still in 9th grade here. Don't get ahead of your self here), Keri (Love you!<3) introduced me to a Korean Girl Group called, 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' (I don't have a Korean key board at the moment) or 'Girls' Generation'. I fell in love with Korea and Korean.

Let it be noted here, I was adopted from Korea. I haven't been there in a long~~~~ time. My Korean name is HyeRim, Lee HyeRim. My American name, given to me by my adoptive parents (whom I love very~~ much) is Chelsea Rose (Or Rosebud if your my brother).

Anyways, I started looking up more Korean groups, and looking up about Asia and Korea. Man, I was hooked! I spent the second half of the school year, all Korean all the time. Then I totally fell over from getting hit by the bricks again.

I wanted to be a singer... In Korea. I wanted to be in a group with others who had the same passions and me and, hopefully, succeed together!

It was a blessing, I tell you. 

YG. Yeah? YG Entertainment? They had auditions last year. In New York! Close enough for my dad to allow me to go! I auditioned. I waited. And waited. And waited. And then the opportunity passed. I didn't except to see an email from YG. I didn't except anything. 

I gave up. I was down for about a month, crying at night because I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I still relapse into that at times. Then my friend Jessica Hong and I got back into contact by facebook. She had the same dream as I did. We talked and talked and talked. She gave me other companies, audition information. 

I have some lined up now, online applications. 
2. SM Ent.
3. DSP
4. TS Ent.
5. Sidus HQ

My "friends". The people I talked to during school. Only four didn't laugh in my face when ever I was asked about what I wanted to be, or ranted on about Korea and the music industry. In English, we had to write a personal narrative. I wrote about what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

"When I grow up..." 
A 1st Person Narrative

"If someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I'll want to reply a singer. A singer in Korea, with a group whom all share the same passion as me.

'What do you want to be when you grow up?'

I'll reply, 'When I grow up, I'll be doing what I love and being happy. I don't know where or how. But, thats what I'll be doing.'"

That, is what I really do tell people. 

Honestly, I don't think the Korea Music scene will happen. But, I can't find anything I love as much as it. So I'm working hard towards it.

My future is hazy. I don't know if I'll be someone on the streets, someone living the opulent life, or just a regular person. But, I know my future is what I make it and no one can take it from me^^.

Sorry. I ranted. I'm mad at my friend and teacher who both said that "That's impossible," to me when I told them seriously what I wanted to be.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

D Choi!

I met David Choi! At his concert in Philly!

His opening act was Alfa Garcia, I loved her! haha

I haven't blogged in a long~~~~~~ time ^^;; But, nothing was happening so.... I had nothing to write about! heh

So it annoys me when you're texting people and your conversations are like the words long
"Nothing u?"

.... Ok so like six words long....

Its still annoying though. Rawr.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Mmm.... What did I do today?

I went to a party~

It was for my neighbor who just turned eleven. It was.... okay... haha^^
They had animals come, which was a little young for my entertainment. But, I took photo's. There were cute animals though! Like this one^^

I left early though. my brother had to go to work and I didn't wanna stay there ^^;;;;
They had yummy fruit, it was tempting me to stay.

Nothing else happened today, except that so... That's all for today!

See ya! 안녕~!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello~! 안녕하세요~!

Hi! 안녕하세요~!
HyeRim is my name! I like taking pictures and making music!
My dream is to be a trainee under Cube Ent., DSP, YG Ent., SM Ent.-- one of them to accomplish my dream of becoming an entertainer in Korean! I'm fun and a good listener, but I'm also dorky and love to be funny!^^ 

That's all I have to say!

Bye-bye~! 안녕~!